AtWorks offices include:

Each of our serviced offices and co-working spaces come complete with everything you need for business.

  • 7 days/24-hour access
  • Personal entrance card and office key
  • Personal Mail Box
  • Common expense and maintenance
  • Utility services (internet/water/electricity/cleaning)
  • Fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator/table/common area/coffee machine/microwave/kettle)
  • Personal Office Air conditioner
  • Professional big conference room (available 7/24)
  • High Quality Furniture
  • Camera security system
  • Full Office Support
  • Printer (very low cost per paper)
  • Telephone line (under request)

*We may also offer extra features/furniture based on your requirements.

Building information

  • Located 2 minutes from Nicosia’s city centre with a panoramic view both from the conference room and your office.
  • Closed to banks, government offices, ministries, cafeterias, clinics.


We open possibilities …

Rent a complete office with all the infrastructure, services and comforts so that you attend to your business matters and not the setup, managing commitments and expenses of your workplace.